Top 5 Ultimate Luxury Hotels for a Honeymoon

Planning for a honeymoon can be as stressful as planning for the wedding itself. Numerous issues such as location, historic value, country, scenic beauty, and many others must be factored in to bring about that unforgettable honeymoon experience.
But what about luxury? There are lots of hotels that can provide you with a luxury experience that cannot be matched. These 5 hotels are the epitome of luxury. So for those wishing to experience their honeymoon in the lap of indulgence and extravagance get ready to rent a car DEN to take you to these locations!

1. Emirates Palace

Built on a budget of $3 Billion, the Emirates Palace has all the requirements to be declared a virtual fortress of luxury. Be prepared to be treated like Royalty within the luxurious suites surrounded by a myriad of fountains as well as gardens and a pristine beach. Enjoy Middle Eastern hospitality like you never have before!

2. Baros, Maldives

For those who would like their luxurious trip surrounded by white sand beaches, top-class service and an isolated grandeur we can seldom find in the modern world, then the Baros Island based in Maldives is the resort for you! Far from the maddening crowd, and boasting villas that open into the ocean itself, The Baros is a luxury honeymoon destination like no other. Very respectful of the privacy of the guest, yet attentive to each little requirement you may have, the Baros is the perfect way to start your grand journey into a happily married life.

3. La Reserve

Paris, with its atmosphere and sights is the perfect destination for many honeymooners from across the globe. To experience Paris in absolute Luxury, there is no other hotel but the La Reserve. Screaming elegance, La Reserve brings to life the lifestyle of the Bourbon Kings. With an eye on discretion and service, La Reserve will have you feeling like the most important person on the planet, much like the average Parisian feels!

4. The Westin Excelsior

This vintage hotel dates back to 1906 and is the epitome of the old meeting the new. Furnished in traditional Italian style but replete with the latest technological marvels and gadgets, it provides honeymooners with a quaintness far removed from the reality we find ourselves in. The service is second to none, while the numerous services they offer make for a very packed and busy honeymooning schedule. Be prepared to spoil yourself in their private spas and pools while enjoying the highest standard gastronomical delights before you laze out into the eternal city to take in the wonder that was once the mightiest empire the world has ever known!
The hotel is especially recommended for:
>Excellent services,
>Great panoramic views
>Cleanliness and flawless elegance

5. Taj Lake Palace

Who better understands the ways of luxury than the Maharaja’s of old? The Taj Lake Palace was once the royal residence of the proud rulers of Udaipur and now it exists as the residence of choice for only the most discerning travellers from around the globe. The retainers of royalty handle the service and it will make for the most regal experience of your entire life. Be prepared to steep yourself in an ancient culture which has evolved the concept of luxury to its greatest extent!


Not only are these hotels the most luxurious, they are also aptly situated in beautiful and scenic surroundings that you must explore with your partner. Explore them all in the same style that you will be accustomed to in these hotels and hire a luxury car to seamlessly transfer you from one cocoon of luxury to another!